How to Organize Your Tools

Lately, DIYs seem to be nothing short of a trend. Log into any social media application and you have social media personalities teaching you all sorts of DIY projects. DIYs can be seen as a financially sane way of recreating a project that would otherwise cost you quite a lot of money; not to forget that there’s a certain kind of fulfilment that comes with learning something new and doing it yourself. However, the stress attached to keeping track of all your tools in a manner that is not only manageable but easy on the eye is another story altogether.

Now, if you are a seasoned tool user, you will agree that organization will always tramp clutter. You are more productive if you are able to spot a tool whenever you need to use it. However, it becomes very difficult to have your tools in a state of order if you have no specific system of organization.

If you have been experiencing any trouble trying to organize your tools, buckle up because this one is for you.  It’s time to bid farewell to the clutter. However, it is always important to remember that organization of anything is not set in stone. Here’s a secret though; easy access will guarantee the longevity of your organization.

Side note: once you begin to organize your tools, be sure to finish what you started. Procrastinating will only make you lazier!

If you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional handyman, below are tips that will help you organize your tools and maneuver your workstation without any stress:

  1. Inventory

You need to first have an idea of all the tools that you have because only then will you be able to settle on the kind of organization that suits you; this calls for an inventory. Once you have established this, sort your tools into various categories. Yes, I know that sorting can be boring but think about the pleasant end result. If there are any broken tools, you need to decide which one need saving and which ones should be discarded. Hoarding of unnecessary tools only contributes to the clutter.

If there are any duplicate tools that you probably purchased at a time when you could not find a specific tool due to clutter, this is your chance to have a garage sale. Too many unnecessary tools will only serve to complicate your organization.

  • How to Go About the Organization?

This calls for a decision in the approach that you are going to take while organizing your tools. The approach chosen will not only guarantee accessibility of the tools but also ensure that they will be in a condition that is nothing short of excellent. You do not want to have to budget for new tools every other month or year.

The approach taken divides your tools organization system into two major categories:

  1. The use of shelves and cabinets for the organization of any power tools and accessories; and
  2. The utilization of baskets, racks, and clear containers for hand tools and other supplies.
  1. Use of Garage Shelves and Tool Chest Cabinets

Tool chest cabinets and shelves are useful in the organization of power tools. Most power tools come with their own cases for storage which then need to be put in either shelves or cabinets to maintain a semblance of order. These shelves and chest cabinets should be made out of sustainable materials such as heavy duty steel to ensure their longevity. And if you are good at what you do, then you can even save yourself some coins by making some of the shelves yourselves.

If you do not know what type of tool chest cabinets to go for that should not make you fret. Read this article to help you decide what tool chest cabinet will best work for you.

  • Baskets and Racks for the Organization of Supplies and Tools

Purchasing baskets and racks for your tools and supplies might cost you money but it’s an investment that is totally worth it. It’s time to get rid of all the boxes and bins that you have in your garage or workstation and replace them with baskets and racks. There are magnetic racks that you can use for all your metallic tools which means that small tools no longer have to keep disappearing. Opting for a wall system with magnetic racks will not only serve to get rid of the clutter but also improve the aesthetics of your workstation. You can put all the supplies that you use frequently in baskets. 

In case you are wondering what to do with all your nails, screws, nuts, cleaning rugs and the likes, wonder no more. Clear mason jars and plastic containers or are your go to choice. You will not only have a clear sense of where everything is but also know when you are running out of a certain tool.

Your garage or workstation is now clean and organized. The only thing remaining is a salute to future productivity and continued organization. And if showing off makes, call a few friends and celebrate your newly organized workspace with a beer or two. Celebrate even the smallest wins!

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