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DEWALT (DWST17806) Tstak Tool Box, Deep

DEWALT (DWST17806) Tstak Tool Box, Deep Check On Amazon
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GANCHUN 17-Inch Multi-Purpose 3-Layer Toolbox with Tray and Dividers

GANCHUN 17-Inch Multi-Purpose 3-Layer Toolbox with Tray and Dividers

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CARTMAN 148-Piece Tool Set – General Household Hand Tool Kit Check On Amazon

Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box with Locking System and Removable Bins

Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box with Locking System and Removable Bins


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GANCHUN 18-Inch Toolbox Consumer Storage and Craftsman Tool Box

GANCHUN 18-Inch Toolbox Consumer Storage and Craftsman Tool Box

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1. DEWALT (DWST17806) Tstak Tool Box, Deep

DEWALT (DWST17806) Tstak Tool Box, Deep

Looking for a large-capacity toolbox for your home workshop or office? The DEWALT DWST17806 is a deep toolbox with the ability to hold most of your tools. It comes with a flat top, which is an improvement from previous models of toolkits from the same company.

You can use it for much more than just carrying one tool type. Inside, it has different units that pile on each other to make a neat pile of tools for everyday functionality. The units come with side latches through which they connect with each other, making them easy to stack and carry.

This is not like other toolboxes that can only carry wrenches, screwdrivers, and other small-sized tools. Instead, you can use it to store larger corded and cordless equipment.

Apart from the stackable units, it also has a detachable tray for quick access to essential tools. It weighs 44 pounds, which can be a little too heavy for lifting with your hands. However, that shouldn’t be an issue, given that it is meant for very minimal lifting. Instead, you are supposed to carry it inside your car or another form of transport.

The hinges and latches and built from heavy-duty metal so that they can last for a long time.


  • A high-capacity toolbox
  • Hinges and latches are built from heavy-duty metal
  • Side latches make it easy to stack up tools
  • A detachable tray allows for easy removal of essential tools


  • Reports of the box arriving broken
  • Some users said it is poorly built

2. GANCHUN 17-Inch Multi-Purpose 3-Layer Toolbox with Tray and Dividers

GANCHUN 17-Inch Multi-Purpose 3-Layer Toolbox with Tray and Dividers

The 17-Inch Multi-Purpose 3-Layer Toolbox by GANCHUN comes with a transparent top cover to allow you to view the tools you are storing inside. It comes with three layers of trays, which provide larger storage space for all your devices.

However, this is much more than a toolbox. It acts as an organizer for your devices in both closed and open positions. Instead of leaving tools to litter every space in your home, simply open it up and use the trays as storage space. The toolbox comes with several folding rods, which ensure it remains stable when in an open position.

It is designed in such a way that the top part carries smaller tools while the bottom, which has more space, can hold more significant tools. To ensure it is tightly fastened, the toolbox comes with sturdy stainless steel latches that can support the most burdensome tools in your workshop.

With that, you can confidently carry all your tools without worrying about the toolbox falling apart. The company behind this product boasts of ensuring strict adherence to quality guidelines.

They also promise to provide the best possible customer service experience. If you have an issue with the product, all you should do is contact them, and they will respond quickly.


  • Can also act as an organizer for tools
  • Comes with a transparent top
  • The latches are made from substantial stainless steel
  • Features sturdy thickening folding rods


  • For some users the plastic is lightweight
  • It May not be suitable for heavy tools

3. CARTMAN 148-Piece Tool Set – General Household Hand Tool Kit

If you want much more than a toolbox, then this toolset is what you ought to purchase. It is a full set of 148 hand tools for use at home and in a garage. Inside, you will find a knife, scissors, hammer, hex keys, wrenches, screwdrivers, and so on.

This toolset is perfect for anyone looking for a toolbox but without the tools to store in it. The tools are heat-treated to make them durable and resistant to all kinds of shocks. They are also able to resist corrosion, thanks to all of them being chrome-plated. Importantly, all the tools in this set have been made to comply with industry standards from the ANSI.

The case is tailor-made for the tools such that each piece can fit perfectly in a mold inside. That way, you don’t need extra layers or fastening mechanisms to hold the tools in place. The case is lightweight and easy to carry.

It comes with a simple briefcase handle, which makes it easy to carry with you wherever you want to go. Whether you intend to use it for minimal repairs around the house or in a workshop, this case comes with virtually everything you need. To get what you want, simply open the case, and you will see it lying right there.


  • It is a complete set of hand tools
  • Tools stored in a molded case
  • Includes chrome-plated, rust-resistant tools
  • A lightweight, easy-to-carry toolbox


  • Cannot accommodate more significant powered tools
  • Reports of the lock breaking up in first use

4. Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box with Locking System and Removable Bins

Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box with Locking System and Removable Bins

If you have many more significant tools, you should consider purchasing a massive storage chest. The Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box can carry all your devices, big and small. It measures 14.88 by 24.25 by 16.34 inches, which makes it the most massive toolbox we have reviewed so far.

Since it carries a substantial number of tools, you can expect it to be quite substantial. But no need to worry. The toolbox comes with handy wheels to make it easier for you to move it around. With the extendable handle, you can comfortably push or pull the toolbox without regard to your height.

Why should you trust this toolbox to carry most of your most burdensome tools? It is made from durable, strong polypropylene, which neither rusts, peels nor gets dented. So, you should expect to use this toolbox for a long time.

Unlike other toolboxes that come with simple latches, this particular one has a central locking system that secures your tools. In other words, the toolbox is virtually impenetrable. It comes with six removable bins, which are in two sizes. You can use the bins to organize nuts, bolts, and small parts.

The more significant tools have ample space set aside for them in the bottom divider. Here, you can store flashlights, power drills, hammers, and so on. With this toolbox, you can carry everything you need for both small and large projects.


  • Made from durable, weather-resistant resin
  • Features a secure central locking system
  • 7-inch rubber wheels make it very portable
  • Can carry tools of all sizes


  • Reports of it being cheaply made
  • Some said the size is awkward

5. GANCHUN 18-Inch Toolbox Consumer Storage and Craftsman Tool Box

GANCHUN 18-Inch Toolbox Consumer Storage and Craftsman Tool Box

Now another toolbox from GANCHUN we are featuring here. The 18-inch toolbox is made from high-quality PP plastic, with thickened walls and strong anti-fall properties. There is no way you will be able to damage this toolbox no matter how hard you try.

As a testament to the manufacturer’s quality standards, the company is standing behind the product with a promise to resolve all issues you might have. Whether you choose to believe them or not, it is up to you.

In terms of storage, the toolbox comes with a convenient, detachable utility tray. You can use the tray to carry most of your smallest items, including nuts, bolts, and smaller items. Inside, the storage space is flexible in the sense that you can use it to carry tools of all sizes.

Again, smaller devices go to the top organizers, leaving space for larger ones at the bottom. To secure your devices in storage or transit, you can make use of the simple pad eye lock. It comes with an ergonomic non-slip handle that is comfortable to hold. At the same time, it is made to be sturdy and to support larger weights.


  • Made from high-quality, durable PP plastic
  • Has a convenient, detachable tray at the top for smaller tools
  • Secured using a pad eye lock
  • The handle is ergonomically designed not to slip from your hands


  • Doesn’t come with any wheels
  • Some found it to be too big

How To Choose The Best Tool Box: Available in the US and Around The World in Metal, Wood and Plastic – The Ultimate Buying Guide


The decision to buy a toolbox is not as straightforward as you might think. There are many factors you must consider before settling for a particular product. They include the following:

Number If Tools It Can Hold

How many tools do you intend to carry in the toolbox? If you have a few tools for domestic use, then a small toolbox will suffice. However, if you have an extensive collection of tools, then make sure the toolbox has the broadest possible capacity.

Before you go shopping for a toolbox, first come up with a comprehensive inventory of your tools. Also, consider the likelihood of you buying more tools soon. In that case, you would need a bigger toolbox that removes the necessity of buying an additional one shortly after.

How Portable Is It?

Always make sure that your toolbox is capable of providing you with the services you need. In addition to accommodating all of your tools, it should be portable enough to move from one site to another.

While a more giant toolbox is great for carrying many tools, it might be too heavy to carry anywhere. As such, you will have to use it for storing tools in a stationary state in the workshop.

Consider buying a toolbox with a simple briefcase-type handle. If you insist on a more extensive toolbox, then it should have wheels to enable you to move it swiftly and safely. However, you have to check that the wheel’s weight rating will carry the kind of tools you have in mind.

Material and Build Quality

The most common materials from which toolboxes are made include steel, aluminum, plastic, and wood. Metal toolboxes are usually more rugged and durable. They last for longer, even though they may turn out to be too heavy to carry. Modern tool boxes are mostly made of plastic.

They are durable and way more portable than their metallic counterparts. Also, they are relatively affordable. Even though wood was the original material for making toolboxes, it has since fallen out of favor. So, you can hardly find any wooden toolboxes on the market today.

Will It Last Long?

When buying any product, the first consideration should be whether it can last for long. Durability. Even for toolboxes made from the same material, there are variations in terms of durability.

For example, some plastic toolboxes are so flimsy that you cannot use them to carry heavy tools. Yet, there are several that have been built to last longer. But they may not be as durable as those made from aluminum and steel.

So, if you want a toolbox, you can freely toss around and carry heavy tools, then pay attention to the material and built quality.

Toolbox, Organizer, Or Both?

Toolboxes can be designed in various ways. For instance, some serve exclusively as toolboxes, while others may also be used as organizers. The following are some of the design variations you are likely to come across.

  • Boxes with Storage Trays. These are usually in the form of less complicated small boxes that feature several detachable storage trays. They are great for storing small tools, hardware bits, and parts. You can use them to carry the bolts, nuts, and screws you need for your work.
  • Full-Flung Chests. Some toolboxes could be in the form of chests with several drawers. You can use them to organize your tools in multiple compartments. Those with wheels are the most portable in this stable.
  • Cantilevered Boxes. Some toolboxes use cantilevered boxes in the place of chests or boxes. The boxes may have different heights and depths. For that reason, they can be used to store tools of different sizes. In most cases, smaller tools go to the top while more extensive tools find their way to the bottom.
  • Stackable Boxes. As an improvement from cantilevered boxes, toolboxes may also exist in the form of stackable boxes. One box is stacked on top of another in several layers and carried on a rack or trolley. They are great when it comes to carrying many tools at the same time.

Other Features to Consider

In addition to the features we have already considered here, some of the things you may want to look at include the following.

  • Locking Mechanism. Several toolboxes have simple latches as their locking system. For these models, you will need a padlock to secure the tools while in transit or storage. Most of the latches are made from robust and durable steel, making them extremely secure. However, there are others with more advanced locking systems. If you want a secure, impenetrable toolbox, then you can buy one with a central locking system.
  • Wheels. More extensive toolboxes may not be very portable without wheels. But it is not enough for them to have a pair of wheels. Before you purchase, check that the wheels are capable of supporting heavy loads. That way, you can roll it to wherever you want without worrying whether it will break down or not.
  • Drawer Slides with Ball Bearings. What is the work of ball bearings in the drawer slides? The simple answer is that they make it easy for you to pull out and push in the drawers. You will need very little energy to operate your toolbox. Also, ball bearings make the whole push and pull process quieter.
  • More Features. One of the things you may want to buy a toolbox with dedicated LED lights on the inside. Such a toolbox is excellent when it comes to operating it in dark situations. Some would even come with charging stations for cordless tools. If these features are essential for you, then make sure you take them into consideration.

Several Toolbox Types

Depending on how you intend to move it around, you may pick any of the two types of toolboxes. They are discussed below:

  • Hand Carry Toolboxes. A hand-carry toolbox will be in the form of a case with a sturdy handle. The handle is usually ergonomically designed to make it easy for you to carry. Only that a large hand-carry toolbox might prove difficult to carry.
  • Tool Sets. Some manufacturers of toolboxes have come up with an ingenious way of combining a toolbox with several tools. If you are just starting off, that can be a good option.
  • Rolling Toolboxes. If you want a large-capacity toolbox, then purchase one with wheels. Instead of lifting it with a handle, you can simply roll it to wherever you want. Some may have two wheels and the rest four-wheel. Only that two-wheeled toolboxes look more like trash bins. Rolling toolboxes have massive storage capacity and can carry small tools, big tools, and materials like nuts and bolts.


Do you need a toolbox for domestic or commercial use? Your answer to that question will determine the type of toolbox you can buy. Check out that the toolbox has all the features that you find useful. If you want a toolbox to carry many tools and is portable, ensure it has wheels. Otherwise, you should settle for one from the hand-carry variety.

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