Best Cordless Screw Driver- Black and Decker, Dewalt, and Rechargeable Skil


Different tools are used in different places from homes to major industrial lines, for instance, impact drivers among many others. Whether you want to fix your shelves, assemble your furniture, or screw apart your electronics, a screwdriver will always be there for you.

However, don’t you hate it when screws don’t get in straight or in and out of a particular fixture with ease? Well, your days of frustration and hand fatigue are over, thanks to the cordless screwdrivers.

You might be asking, how can a cordless screwdriver make this much difference? Well, these kinds of screwdrivers use electricity to power the motors embedded within them. The motors are what’s responsible for that forward and backward turning motion.

Normally, screwdrivers such as these are connected to a power outlet for this. Cordless screwdrivers, however, use batteries to provide this electrical energy, and as such, no corded connection is required.

There are so many of them out in the market. Going through all the available options one by one is a thankless task that will have you feeling worn out before you can even unscrew your first piece of furniture. Don’t fret, though. We have scoured the market and come up with a compilation of the best cordless screwdriver for you.

Best Cordless Screw Driver Reviews 2021

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Black and Decker LD120VA Cordless Drill

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Best Value
TECCPO Cordless Electric Screwdriver

TECCPO Cordless Electric Screwdriver

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Skil Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver

Skil Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver

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SKIL Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver with Circuit Sensor Technology

SKIL Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver with Circuit Sensor Technology

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DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver

DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver

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1. Black and Decker LD120VA Cordless Drill

Whether you are the gung ho DIYer, an industry professional, or you are just getting into wood/metal/plastic mechanics, then the Black and Decker LD120VA Cordless Drill is for you. It uses an LB20 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Battery that renders a corded connection to a power outlet useless.

Not only is this convenient, but also the longevity offered by this battery makes perfect financial sense, as it can hold a charge for up to 1.5 years. The ergonomically designed handle has a comfortable soft-grip and is light enough to ensure fatigue-free handling of the machine

This Black and Decker drill has a maximum speed output of 750 RPM (revolutions per minute), ensuring it can cleanly drill and drive in screws through the wood, plastic, and even metal. It is also worth noting that its 24 position clutch increases your level of control, which helps to prevent overdriving and stripping screws.

The complete set comes with the LD120 lithium driver/drill, an LB20 20V lithium-ion battery, an LCS20 battery charger, ten 1-inch screw-driving bits, nine 2-inch screw-driving bits, 6 Brad Point drill bits, four nut drivers, and a magnetic bit tip holder.


  • Has a 2-year Black and Decker warranty
  • Its battery life is more than decent
  • Has a lightweight construction that is complemented by the ergonomic design
  • The torque is good enough for drilling and screwing


  • They could have added a bag or drill case
  • The bits that came with the set look weak

2. TECCPO Cordless Electric Screwdriver

TECCPO Cordless Electric Screwdriver

The TECCPO Cordless Electric Screwdriver is literally the only power tool that can double up as a gift item. It has a lot of great features; however, let’s talk about that carrying case.

This electric screwdriver can be carried from place to place thanks to its convenient storage case that can also comfortably accommodate the accessories. Each bit fits in a slot that can be identified due to the size identification stamp printed next to it.

The TECCPO Electric Screwdriver has 45 pieces of accessories that include eight socket pieces, 34 driver-bit pieces, a USB charging cable, and one socket connector. Its 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) hex makes for a quick bit changing.

The ability to switch bits means you can use it for multiple applications and jobs, such as assembling furniture to fixing cabinets. The electric screwdriver itself is very powerful.

This can be seen in its maximum torque output of 6 Nm. Such power can be well-controlled thanks to the 9 + 1 torque gears. Your TECCPO screwdriver has a 2000 mAh lithium battery that offers an unbelievable runtime and a long lifetime. Charging is super-fast and super-easy thanks to its standard USB port coupled with its quick charge function.


  • Has both front and rear lights for viewing hard-to-see areas
  • It is ergonomically made for comfortable handling
  • Its battery is reliable and lasts long
  • The screwdriver from a pistol grip to a straight conventional look


  • The torque is kind of average
  • While helpful, the carrying case is overly large and takes a lot of space

3. Skil Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver

Skil Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver

If you are living in a house on planet earth, then at one point or another, you will need to fix or screw in one or two things, and the Skil 4V Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver can help you out with that. It has a comfortable size of 5.47” by 5” by 1.65” that ensures this bad boy can help you even in tiny and cramped spaces.

Speaking of tiny and cramped spaces, it gets dark in these little corners, doesn’t it? You don’t need to be a genius to know that darkness and power tools don’t mix, and this is why this screwdriver has LED lighting that can illuminate the area.

You don’t have to be pulled back by downtime, as this tool has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This is done through its micro USB functionality. Furthermore, its charge indicator will keep you updated on how much power it does or doesn’t have.

It comes with a ¼ inch hex drive that helps you with changing the bits. Losing said bits can be very easy as your house, garage, or shed is large, and these screw bits are small, and this is why the Skil Screwdriver has magnetic bit storage.


  • The LED light is a thoughtful addition
  • It has a forward/reverse indicator that helps prevent any confusion while in operation
  • Easy to use
  • It is small, light, and portable


  • The bit holder is a bit off-center
  • Its magnetic bit holder is quite weak

4. SKIL Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver with Circuit Sensor Technology

SKIL Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver with Circuit Sensor Technology

The Skil Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver comes with current sensor technology that is a really cool and unique feature. This patented feature does exactly what it says in the name; it can detect current in live wires, whether in switches, sockets/outlets, fixtures, and even cords up to one inch away.

Once the screwdriver is held near the electric outlet, simply press the detection button. An alert sound and a red light will come on once the current has been found. It is both there for your convenience and safety.

This Skil screwdriver can run at speeds of up to 230 RPM, and this alone ensures you can use this tool for a myriad of functions. An integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures that you can comfortably work on your DIY projects and repairs without being limited by the need to be near an electric outlet.

It has an LED light to help you comfortably work at night or in areas with little to no light. In addition to all this, switching from forward to reverse operation is a matter of turning the collar.


  • The screwdriver is light to prevent hand cramping
  • Easy to charge using the micro USB cable it comes with
  • It has high speeds of up to 230 RPM
  • Their customer care service is responsive and helpful


  • Doesn’t have a lot of torque
  • It might be a bit huge for some people

5. DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver

DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver

There are not a lot of electric screwdrivers that can do the job quite like the Dewalt 8V Cordless Screwdriver. We say this since this electric screwdriver has a speed that can be adjusted from 0 all the way to 430 RPM.

This motion adjustable speed means you can fasten screws into all kinds of materials such as light-gauge metal, plastic, and wood. Its handle is also easily adjustable from its pistol-grip orientation to a straight in-line look. This gives you complete control when conducting light fastening operations.

For added convenience, an LED lighting feature has been incorporated into its construction. It ensures your working areas are well-lit without any shadowing. The 8V max compact battery provides more power for longer and takes only one hour to charge.

Knowing when your tool needs to power up is an important issue as downtime can seriously put you behind schedule. Thankfully, the Dewalt 8V Cordless Screwdriver has a battery charge status indicator that will always keep you informed on when you will need to charge your battery pack. Its ¼” hex lets you quickly change bits and can accommodate 1” bit tips.


  • Its battery charges up quite fast
  • Can change from a pistol-grip to an in-line design
  • The handle is comfortable to use
  • It is made of lightweight construction


  • The battery dies after only a few months of use in some models
  • Its gyroscope takes a minute to gets used to

Choosing The Best Cordless Screw Driver: Black, and Decker, Dewalt, Drill, Volt, and Rechargeable Skil With Lithium-Ion Battery- The Ultimate Buying guide


Getting your own cordless electric screwdriver is easier said than done. This is because after making that decision, you will need to know precisely what kind of machine you want. It is heavily influenced by the factors and considerations that are unique to you.

This can be assessed in terms of the power specifications, frequency of use, and output characteristics of your screwdriver. Just focus on the criteria below, and we’ll steer you right.

Assessing the frequency of use

It is a no-brainer that how often you use your electric screwdriver will influence the kind of machine you will end up buying. A higher frequency of use will imply a more powerful machine, while a lower frequency creates an implication of a less powerful machine.

  • Occasional use

If you plan on using your electric screwdriver to fix the occasionally broken cabinet door or assembling like one piece of furniture in half a year, then an entry-level device is perfect for you. This kind of screwdriver should have an operational voltage of about 3.6 V, 3 Nm in terms of torque, and at least 1Ah of battery capacity.

  • Frequent use

If you are constantly assembling new furniture, then you will need to go for a known brand name and a model with high voltage and battery capacities. Tightening torque of 5 Nm is ideal, especially if the voltage capacity is at a workable range of between 3.6 V and 4 V.

However, if you need more capacity than this, then a machine of about 7.2 Volts and a tightening torque of at least 10-15 Nm should suffice. A minimum battery capacity of 1.5 Ah ensures you can work for longer with a little more oomph in the tank.

Does size matter? Yes it does

To answer your unasked question, there are different sizes of both screwdrivers and screw bits. Your purpose for getting a cordless electric screwdriver goes hand-in-hand with the intended frequency of use in determining how big or small of a machine you get.

If you want a screwdriver for delicate and sensitive jobs, then a small pocket-sized machine may be more to your liking. For bigger jobs, a bigger and more powerful screwdriver should do the trick. Or you could just get both.

Talking about speed and torque characteristics 

You need not be a scientist to understand the importance of these two physical characteristics. The torque of the machine refers to the force your machine outputs when rotating. It will determine the kind of jobs you can perform with your power tool.

It puts the power in a power tool. Its units of measurement are the Newton meter (Nm). Most of these cordless electric screwdrivers have torques in the range of 3 to 5 NM, and the top-of-the-line models can reach highs of 20 Nm.

The speed, on the other hand, is measured in terms of revolutions per minute (RPM). This is the number of times the bit can rotate in one minute. The rotation speed for these machines is an accurate balance between reduction ratio and voltage.

Some electric screwdrivers can achieve a speed of between 200 and 600 RPM at no-load conditions. It is interesting to note that most of these and other power tools offer high torque at low speeds and vice-versa.

Weight isn’t just a number

The different types of cordless electric screwdrivers have different weights too. Most of these differences in heaviness are a result of different batteries and motors being used in the various machines.

In other words, a cordless screwdriver’s size is proportional to its weight. There are some machines that can weigh as little as 1.5 lbs, and some can weigh even upwards of 3 lbs.

How design and orientation matters

The design and shape of anything, cordless electric screwdrivers included, is art. This means that the different manufacturing companies will each have their own way of doing things. Such is the beauty of competition as you will get a design that appeals to you visually. However, the design isn’t just an artistic expression; it also has its practicality.

There are three different types of cordless electric screwdriver shapes out there.

  • Pistol

The grip has a pistol-like shape. This makes them easier to use in awkward angles and those hard-to-reach spots.

  • Straight

They can also be called in-line cordless screwdrivers. Their simplicity and straight design make them easy to use. However, they can’t be used for other kinds of work.

  • Hybrid

Also called a combination handle, these kinds of screwdrivers combine these two kinds of handles. You can switch from a pistol-grip to an in-line screwdriver depending on the work you are doing, making the best of both worlds.

The reason why this kind of screwdriver is cordless: the battery

Most of these electric screwdrivers use a Lithium-Ion battery. There are some, however, which use Nickel-Cadmium batteries. Both of these types have their own pros and cons. Li-ion batteries are known to be lightweight, smaller, have no memory effect, and are quick to recharge. 

How long your battery can retain charge is determined by its ampere-hour rating (Ah). The higher this parameter rating, the longer your battery will last.

Additional options

We usually know what we want from our tools. For the electric screwdriver, you need something with enough power to literally drive the point home. In as much as this is true, it is always a pleasant surprise when you encounter a special gem hidden away in your machine that isn’t but a gimmick. Some of these include: rear and front LED lighting, a storage case, a belt clip, or just an adjustable head.

After-sale support and the warranty

As a general rule of thumb, buying a cordless electric screwdriver, or any other device from a well-known brand name gives you the assurance of fast and responsive after-sales support.

The majority of cordless electric screwdriver companies offer a 1 to 3-year full warranty on their products. Some even offer a lifetime warranty. You will need to check this when making your purchase as longer is always better.


There are so many different options when it comes to cordless electric screwdrivers. There are really powerful ones that are almost in the ballpark of hand drills while there are smaller ones for more high-precision applications. At the end of the day, it is you who knows best, and if you match what you want with the considerations and helpful guidelines above, you will get a device that is exactly what you need.

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