About Us

Welcome to Handy Men Tools! Our purpose is to provide valuable information to professionals and home DIY enthusiasts alike. We publish useful articles as well as product reviews for wise product selection. After all, getting the right tools for your work isn’t always easy. To help you make the right buying decision, we scour the internet for the best products in each category. With that, you don’t have to browse for products online.

Our Product Curation Process

At Handy Men Tools, we know you want accurate, helpful, and honest information about manual and power tools. That’s why we don’t just pick any product. Instead, we choose our products after going through elaborate steps we have established for ourselves. Our team of professionals vets each product before it is included in our reviews. Any misinformation from the manufacturers is flagged out, and the product removed from our list.

We mainly rely on the following while vetting our products:

  • Hands-On Experience. We ensure we lay our hands on as many tools as possible. That way, we can test a product’s performance under varied conditions. If a tool does not work as advertised, we quickly expunge it from our list.
  • Real-World Experience. Our team of experts has numerous years of experience working with all types of tools. So, you can trust their judgment as far as the best tools are concerned.
  • Expert Recommendations. Professionals in different fields know how their tools should and actually work. We always consult professionals in various fields to know what they think about the performance of certain tools in real-world situations.
  • User Reviews. Nothing is as valuable as an honest opinion from a customer who has used a tool before. Whether negative or positive, user reviews help us to understand whether a tool actually works or not.
  • Sales Information. To know if we have a good tool or not, we look at how well it is performing in the market. If it has a lot of sales, then we know people have a positive opinion about it. After all, people buy what they like.
  • Brand Reputation. Whether a manual or power tool, the brand behind it really matters. Reputable brands tend to produce great tools. That’s why we go out of our way to research information about the companies behind the brand.

Our Team

Our team is composed of the best industry writers. Many of them have experience working with manual and power tools. Others are industry insiders with working knowledge of the manufacturers of the different tools. You can rely on our writers for trustworthy information and product recommendations. In addition to the writers, we have a team of editors who know all about publishing great content online.

Any Questions?

Don’t hesitate to go to the Contact Us page to have all of your questions answered.